• In Short
  • Installation art
  • Multi-media

Semâ Bekirović

‘the non-human in the role of author’

Hidden among the plants in the Greenhouse, is Semâ Bekirović’s video work depicting an animal picnic. A camera is hidden in the forest filming a rug covered with delicacies throughout the day and night. Occasionally, animals appear from the forest to steal an apple or other treat. The forest and the mess remain.

Bekirović’s work is playful, yet based on a clear idea and concept. She herself calls it playful conceptualism. Bekirović’s work explores the possibility that not only people can create a work of art, but also organisms, plants, and animals. She’s interested in the non-human role as an author.

For centuries, humans have drawn inspiration from nature. But does nature also draw inspiration from the human world? In her practice, Semâ Bekirović discovers ways how nature interacts with man-made objects. The moss, the North Sea, oysters, or even fire can transform a man-made object into something extraordinary. Plastic waste turns into a crow’s nest. Green moss can grow on top of a football and a pair of trainers. This way the moss steps into the role of the author.